Custom Calculators

Built to your specifications

What about those times when you need a financial calculator that is specific to your company? Maybe you need the calculator to use certain company-specific rates or calculation logic. Well we have created plenty of those throughout the years and have become quite good at it (if we do say so ourselves).

The most important part of the whole process of developing a custom calculator is the accurate exchange of the requirements. We have found that it is best for our clients to create a mock-up of the calculator using an Excel spreadsheet. Once the spreadsheet is working properly, we can take that and translate it into a working calculator, fit to be used on the internet on your web site.

Intermountain Health Care

Intermountain Health Care, a large health care provider in Utah with over 30,000 employees, commissioned CalcXML to build "custom" calculators to help employees understand their specific retirement and paycheck benefits. The first, a Flash-based "Total Retirement Calculator", incorporates company-specific pension plan benefits and 401(k) matching schedules to help employees determine how long their current savings will last and what additional contributions should be made in order to meet their retirement goals. The second calculator "Paycheck Planner Plus" illustrates the take-home pay impact of increased 401(k)/403(b)/457 contributions along with warnings if ill-timed contributions cause the employee to miss-out on employer matching contributions.

Healthcare Professional Funding

Healthcare Professional Funding wanted a calculator to help dental/medical practices determine if purchasing new equipment made financial sense and how soon the new equipment would provide returns on their investment.

Community America Credit Union (CACU)

CACU needed a calculator to show credit union members how much of the credit union's profit they were eligible to receive. They called it a "profit payout". Have a look!

HomEquity Bank

HomEquity Bank in Canada wanted a way to quickly show clients how they could put their home to work to enhance their cash flow. Being Canadian, they also wanted the calculator to be available in both English and French.

Orthodontic Payment Calculator

Ohmart Orthodontic out of Colorado contracted with us to create an easy-to-use orthodontic payment calculator. Here's how it turned out.